female masturbation video

female masturbation video

Female masturbation video

Women are known to masturbate almost as much as men do but they’re ashamed to admit it. One of their favorite positions is with their ass in the air. Most women hate to use  saliva or artificial lubes and because most of them can’t take direct stimulation of their clitoris they prefer to use their own produced vaginal fluid to lubricate themselves.

Despite popular believe, the majority of women don’t achieve multiple orgasms, the vaginal fluid comes in a variety of colors, flavors and odors depending on the diet, hygiene, health and genetic factors, just a small percentage of women can actually squirt, women can also suffer priapism which engorges their clitoris and labia to unhealthy proportions giving them a lot of pain.

These are some of the interesting facts about women’s masturbation.

Some women start masturbating at an early age like nine years old.

One female writes “I would rub my Barbie’s feet against my clitoris and bring myself to orgasm every time. I would masturbate at least once a day, usually to hentai movies. Once I really hit puberty (from age of 12 to 15), my hormones really kicked in and I would do it like five to ten times a day. Now I do it about once or twice a day (I’m nineteen now). Weird how things have changed over time. Btw it’s hilarious how many women lie about how much they masturbate. Like, seriously? Four times a month? Get real. ”

1. There is only one type of orgasm for a woman just like a man only has one type. The human brain receives enough pleasure by mental sexual arousal along with having a healthy sexual drive along with some amount of physical arousal to go with the imagination and activates the pleasurable contractions in a woman. Whether its clitoral, vaginal with clitoral indirect or not at all, or in rare cases anal, a massage, whispering in her ear, or a dream she has if enough pleasure is received then it will activate the contractions, that is it! 2. A man and a woman’s overall pleasure during sex and orgasm are about the same, just a man’s is more concentrated. Overall higher pleasure but for a shorter amount of time. It varies, but the overall amount adds up. Further, multiple orgasms past a few are weak for most after a while in both genders.

Nothing wrong with female masturbation

There is nothing wrong with a woman who tends to be enlightened earlier on about the significance of seeking love and the responsibility of child caring that can come from the act. Its there natural instinct to want a very specific idea in there mind and no matter how much they imagine physically or read mentally, a woman wants an actual existing man they understand and are with and accepted very much to be able to orgasm, and even then usually only with that man. A man on the other hand is better off losing his virginity and being with a few women since he doesn’t use them but for masturbation, can’t get pregnant, and it gets him beyond the novelty of sex towards an idea of making love.

In other words females can’t detach themselves from their desire for love and there desire to get off from sexual pleasure since its far more important earlier on for a woman, it takes us men longer to get to that point and we are more naturally detached in that its far more important for a man to orgasm regularly too (generally, orgasms only keep a male’s fertility up, a woman doesn’t get any real benefit physically one way or another ON AVERAGE, not always, but on average, as it only helps mentally).

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