How I used the Qualitychat Method to Increase My Personal Love Life

Qualitycaht Method

How to Find Live Cams With Qualitychat

Qualitychat Method: What’s the secret to finding Live Chat Sites?

Today I’m going to show you how I used the qualitychat method to meet new singles on live sex cams in 2 second absolutely free!  And I was able to chat online despite working full-time running my webcam modeling agency and personal life.  What’s the secret to finding live webcam chat sites?

It’s not as easy of a question to answer.

But you probably know other people that are able to meet singles on chat sites and do just about anything that they desire.

How do they do it? Do they know some top chat sites secret that you don’t?

Actually, yes, they do!

It may happen behind the scenes, but some people know how to find the chat sites with ease.

I’m one of those people smile

And today I’m going to show you one of my favorite Live Webcam Chat strategies of all time: the Qualitychat Method.

Free Bonus: Download the free live sex cams list that will show you how to leverage this live chat method for your personal life. The live sex cams list also reveals two bonus infographic video chat search trends.

Table of Contents

What Makes People Like Us on Live Chat Sites?

As someone that’s visited thousands of chat site links, I can tell you that there’s a simple live sex chat formula that works every time:

Great Chat Skills + Targeted Sexual Preferences + Quality Webcam Models + Leading Video Chat Software = Best Live Sex Cams Experience

The first two parts of my little formula “qualitychat” are pretty straightforward: having great communication skills and getting in front of the right people.

And that’s what most people do: they search through hundreds of live webcam chat models, hoping that SOMEONE will like them.

Sure, you can get a few free live sex shows that way…

…but you can easily double or triple your online dating rate by adding some value to the mix.

As someone that’s sent thousands of webcam performer email requests, I can tell you that there’s a simple live sex chat formula that works every time:

Live Cam With Qualitychat: A Mini-Case Study

Live Chat: The Definitive Guide

Who else wants to have a great love life?

The QualityChat Method introduces you to the best live chat tips and live chat How tos… period.

Each chapter contains several links to hand-picked blog posts that improve your Live Chat skills, make new friends, and show you how to get more pleasure with live webcam chat sites.

Adding value is what the Qualitychat Method is all about.

What is it?

It’s a live chat technique that uses live sex cams in a new way.

Instead of visiting a paid sex cams site and begging webcam models to private chat with you live, you’re enticing them to perform live sex shows for free…

…with a little small token.

To show you how well this works, let me show you the results after using this technique with my reviews of cam sites.

First, here’s the live webcam chat trends from the search terms “online sex, live cams, sex chat, adult dating”:

Live Webcam Chat TrendsAnd organic related search trends compare 100% with the previous months.

The search term bounces between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd spots for the keyword, free sex chat:

live cam organic search trends

In short, its popularity and demand is constant.

This will be a living resource, so bookmark this page.

Are you ready to flirt on Live Chat Sites?

Here’s what you need to do:

First, the BEST way to stay updated on the latest new models is by following me on Twitter.
(I often share super hot new live cam girls direct links here).

Then, after you’re done bookmarking, you can continue to peruse this in-depth Live Chat resource.

You’ll learn how to start a Live Chat account, make new friends from scratch, and more!

Introducing: The Ultimate Live Chat Resource Book


Introduction: The Ultimate Qualitychat Live Chat Resources

Here is how you get started. When you click one of the chapter links below, it will jump you to your desired chapter. Without refreshing the page. So, pick which chapter you like and get started.

Here are the 9 chapters:

Chapter 1: Live Chat for Newbies

Chapter 2: How to use Live Chat Sites Effectively

Chapter 3: How to Increase Your Personal Love Life

Chapter 4: Why Live
Chat Helps People (and How they Can Use It)

Chapter 5: The Ultimate Guide to Live Chat for Models wishing to Get Into the Webcam Modeling Business

Chapter 6: Here are the Best Live Chat Sites Resources… Period

Chapter 7: Does Live Chat Provide Any Personal Benefits?

Chapter 8: Where Else Does Live Chat Apply?

Chapter 9: The Best Live Sex Cam Sites

Bonus Chapter: More Live Chat Tips on How to Live Sex Chat

Let me show you each Chapter in more detail…

Chapter 1: Live Chat for Newbies

There’s no shortcut here:

If you want to chat and meet new people online on live cam sites, you need to know how to chat and the site has to be good.

Fortunately, you don’t need a 3-figure live cam chat budget. In fact, when I live webcam chat it cost me $0.00 or maximum $17.99 for private shows.

Yes, picking the best cam site is REALLY important.

But design is only ONE part of the cam sites success.

So what really matters?

Actually, what you will read below will teach you how to start a live cam chat from scratch.

But I’ll show you some of the important points here to get you started.

1. A “Type in a Sexy Way” Flirt

You need to think you can turn her on! Women pay attention to your chatting skills and tone more than your words. Be respectful with others when you: “Type in a Sexy Way”.

Let me explain…

In my case, I noticed that other members in the chat room were typing really mean and sexual things… but chat host hate and dislike this type of approach, which in turn will get you no love.

Yes you can easily pay and take the performer into a private chat but she will still think the same of you but will gladly take your money. With that in mind this approach does not work if you wish to really make friends on live chat sites..

Another example:

Whenever a new webcam model joins and starts broadcasting on a live cam site, their chat room blows up with new visitors and members wanting to see and chat.

The new model will be overblown with all kinds of people chatting with her and will simply look for the visitors that chat in a sexy way without being offensive and respectful.

The same applies for new visitors or members will not know what to write to get the models attention.

Here’s a look at how new webcam models page looks like:

Pinterest Live Chat Sites

Not a bad design. But its the functionality and the quality of the models that counts.

Now check out how the model chat room page looks like:

referring links

Not bad and very enticing to make you want to chat right?

The developers of this video chat site want to get the users attention (visual and functionality), but added a fresh twist (free live credits for new members).

And voila! You just met 1 new model and took her into a private chat by simply signing up for the free chat credits.

You can read more about the “Top 10 Ways to Sex Chat” here.

Chapter 2: How to Use Live Chat Sites Effectively

You can look at an live chat networks like a club full of people: the more live chat models, the better they will performs. So make sure that you’re VERY selective when choosing a site and in how you communicate with the performers., offers a great video along with traffic statistics to adult sites on the internet.

– 12% of all sites online are adult content
– 25% of all search engines are adult related
– 35% of all internet downloads are pornographic in nature.
– Every second over $3000.00 is spent on adult content
– Every second more than 250,000 internet users are viewing some type of adult content.
– Everyday over 400 new porn sites appear on the internet including live chat sites.
– Sex is the most searched word on the internet.
– U.S. Revenue from the Internet Porn Industry in 2006: 2.84 Billion today its closer to 20 Billion a year.
– 72% are Men and 28% are women.
– 70% of internet porn traffic occurs during 9am-5pm workday.
– Estimated close to 1 Billion porn web pages 3% from UK, 4% from Germany and 89% by the USA.
– Countries that ban Adult Sites include Iran, Bahrain, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Malayasia, Indonesia, Kenya, Singapore, India, Cuba and China.

This may seem like a lot (because it is).

And that’s the point: online sex, flirting and dating is here to stay and only growing throughout the world.  A great article is written on TechTimes expanding on the list of sites and
apps like Tinder, Hinge, Happn, Plenty of Fish, Loveflutter, the grade, the league, The Down, Skout, Bristlr, and Glimpse along with the best live sex cam sites and adult dating sites online, it is very overwhelming for anyone.

But a tightly-focused live chat site that covers the most important aspects is really easy to remember.

And “easy to remember” means that it’s more likely convert guests into becoming members simply because of the quality of the models and the easy to use live video chat software.

And search models by sexual preferences:


And see if there’s any webcam models you like to chat with:

online webcam chat models

(Obviously you should save the cam models you chat with in the members area of your account)

You can also search using Pinterest:

pinterest search

3. Logical Working Design Layout

Not to turn this post into a graphic design class, but there’s a BIG difference between designlayout and functionality.

And I see a lot of great live chat sites fail because they focus too much on design.

Here’s the difference:

Layout: How you organize and present the content to your end users.
Design: How the information looks.
Functionality: How the users navigates the site.

Chapter 3: How To Increase Your Personal Love Life 

Now that you have your a better understanding of cam sites, it’s time to find your favorite adult webcam chat sites.

With my list of cam sites, I was looking for sites that had english speaking models from anywhere in the world. As long as they could actually understand English I was fine.

To find them, I just searched Google for things like “top chat sites”, “free live chat sites” and anything else that Google Suggest came up with:

google search

Easy, right?
Maybe but you will need to spend hours sorting out the good and the bad cam sites. That’s why my list of the best top cam sites online was created to simply your search and cut out all the garbage out there.

Chapter 4: Why Live Chat Helps People (and How they Can Use It)

When I searched and found a model that I liked in the results page, and she happened to be offline I sent them a friend request using my members tools (yes, this is the actual email I sent out).

Adult Friend Request Email

Here’s why this qualitychat writing method worked really well for me:

  • Personalized: includes their name
  • Short: less than 30 words
  • Easy sell: only asks if they want to
    chat with you on the live chat site you found them on.

When they got back to me saying “sure”, I wrote back saying “Great! and can’t wait”. Short and sweet! No need to write a letter because you do not know them yet and even if you do nobody likes reading long personal rants.


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Chapter 5: The Ultimate Guide to Live Chat for Models wishing to Get Into the Webcam Modeling Business

You may have heard that the easiest way to make money online is to work as a webcam model?

But if you read the web cam model FAQS, you’ll notice that there are tons of things you need to be made aware of before signing up with any site:

webcam modeling faqs

This qualitychat information is free and will help you choose the best live cam chat to work on. These are the same faqs that most cam sites won’t tell you about until its too late.

What’s great about the Qualitychat Method is that you get to meet, chat, flirt and mingle while being surrounded with live webcam chat models

…not like other cam sites that have a couple of models broadcasting. These live cam site list has thousands of performers waiting to meet you.

Here’s an example of a live chat site I recently visited:

cam site example

This type of cam site layout is MUCH more powerful than the standard cam sites and as you can see there are tons of models making this a viable site to work on.

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Chapter 6: Here Are The Best Live Chat Sites Resources… Period

Where there are people, there will be cam sites looking to market to them. Live Chat has lots of beautiful models and here is how you can find them the right way. You will learn how to go sign-up for free and take advantage of all the free credits.

Are You Web Aware? |

Discover The Dangers of Cam Chat |

Depression Chat Rooms & Help Online |

Chatrooms and Webcam Chat Resources and Guides |

Adult Cam Industry News |

Adult Chat Industry News |

List of the Best Webcam Modeling Jobs |

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Chapter 7: Does Live Adult Chat Provide Any Personal Benefits?

With Live Adult Chat and all the cam sites online, are there still Personal Benefits? These 9 articles will help you learn just how it works.

Online Dating The Advantages of Chat Rooms |
What Are The Benefits of Using Live Chat Services |
Local Singles Chat Benefits of Interracial Dating |
Sex Makes You Smarter- Can ‘Virtual Sex’ Do The Same? |
The Top 10 Reason Why Cybersex is Good For You |
Casual Dating |
Cybersex |
Mental and Physical Benefits of Live Sex |
Benefits of Using Live Sex Cams |

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Chapter 8: Where Else Does Live Chat Apply?

So, I talked about Live Chat for Newbies, How to Chat Effectively, Increase Personal Love Life, Benefits, Business and Resources. Here are more ways you can use Live Chat Some highlights include, Live Chat for Pleasure, Live Chat for Career Advancement, and Live Chat for Recruiting.

Is That Online Profile Real |
– Mobile Dating Life |
Sexual Advice, where it all Began | sexpert24
– Top Questions Not to Ask |
Create Conscious Relationships |

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Chapter 9: The Best Live Sex Cam Sites

Experience the best webcam chat sites of 2017 that the internet has to offer. These sites and live chat apps feature live girls and guys all day and night. It doesn’t matter what time of day or which day of the week it is. You’ll always find super sexy girls that are more than willing to put a smile on your face. There will never be a dull moment in your life ever again.

Top 10 Best Webcam Chat Sites Online for 2017
Site Price Review Ratings
1. Live site review $0.98+ Read Preview 4.85 Visit Now
2. $0.98+ Read Preview 4.70 Visit Now
3. $1.99+ Read Preview 4.65 Visit Now
4. $1.99+ Read Peview 4.55 Visit Now
5. xlovecam - $1.99+ Read Preview 4.55 Visit Now
flirt4free-logo $1.99+ Read Preview 4.50 Visit Now
7. $1.99+ Read Preview 4.55 Visit Now
8. Site Review $2.50+ Read Preview 4.50 Visit Now
9. webcams-logo $1.99+ Read Preview 4.60 Visit Now
10. $5.99+ Read Preview 4.45 Visit Now

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Bonus Chapter: More Live Chat Tips on How to Live Sex Chat

This bonus chapter discusses the Top 10 Ways To Sex CHAT in  general the consequence factors of what we say and the law of attraction. It then presents guidance on how to verify whether you have problems in this area, how to avoid them, some example flaws, and pointers.

The primary aim of the Top 10 Ways To Sex CHAT post is to educate men, young adults, on the are of live sex chat flirting and the most important sexual behaviors of live web cam sex. The Top 10 provides guidance and basic techniques to help you have fun online while sex chatting with hot cam models.


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Oh, Before I Forget…

I hope that you see the full potential of the Qualitychat Method: a simplified way to chat with single people online.

If you enjoyed this qualitychat guide, I recommend that you download the free checklist I made.

The checklist will show you the Top Chats Sites Online with ease. And it includes bonus strategies not found in this post.

Click the box below to get instant access to the live sex cams list:


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