Top 10 Sites Chat and Instant Messaging

Top 10 sites: Chat and Instant Messaging

Best of the web

AOL Instant Messenger

The pioneer of chat applications, Instant Messenger was first launched on AOL’s online service before expanding across the internet. 

  • ICQ Was the first internet-based instant messaging program. 
  • MSN Messenger Microsoft muscled in on the instant chat space. You have to sign up for a Passport account.
  • Chat Danger Sensible advice for staying safe online.
    TalkCityu Organised specific topic subject-based chat rooms. 
  • Internet Relay Chat The first internet chat application for geek types online. 
  • Dobedo 24-hour party island. Create your avatar to match your mood, pick a phrase and let the chat begin.
  • Habbo Hotel Chatting in the hotel is free. Members can pay for extras like text messages and mobile cell logos.
  • Yahoo! Chat There are hundred of chat rooms dedicated to all kinds of topics. 
  • Virtual Zones Ultimate avatar chat community is a pay for the service chat site.

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