Best Adult Affiliate Program


Adult Affiliate Program

Adult Affiliate Program

Become an Adult Affiliate!

You’ve found your way to the Best Adult Webmaster Affiliate Program, the internet’s leading webcam affiliate program. Focusing on the premier adult sites to promote, up to date marketing tools & support to help you reach your goals. Read on to find out why this is the best Adult Affiliate program online. [Click Here]

Adult Affiliate Benefits:

Up to 50% Performance Increase Bonus.Details

$300 PPS Details

Up to 25% on all your Whitelabel sales, mobile or desktop Details

Up to $300PPS, 60% lifetime Revenue Sharing

Up to $300PPS, 60% lifetime Revenue Share

Adult Affiliate Webmaster Program is the best adult affiliate program online offering the highest affiliate payouts with free signup and the best converting live adult sex cam sites online. If your a serious webmaster or someone that feels they have what it takes to make money promoting live adult webcam sex sites then feel free to register today.

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Definition of Adult Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing which a business rewards  an affiliate/webmaster for every visitor or customer brought to their website(s) by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players:

  1. The Merchant who is also know as the Retailer or brand.
  2. The network that contains offers and marketing material for the affiliate (webmaster) to choose from. The network also provides the payments to all its affiliates.
  3. The publisher who is also know as the Affiliate.
  4. The customer.

The online market has grown in such a great speed and complexity, which has resulted in the emergence of:

  1. Secondary tier of players
  2. Affiliate management agencies
  3. Webmaster affiliates
  4. Specialized third party vendors

Internet marketing Strategies:

Search engine optimization

Social media marketing

Email marketing

Referral marketing

Content marketing

Native advertising

Search Engine Marketing Strategies:

Pay per click

Cost per impression

Search analytics

Web analytics

Display Advertising Strategies:

Contextual advertising

Behavioral targeting

Affiliate marketing

Cost per action

Revenue sharing

Newest Affiliate Marketing Strategy:

Mobile advertising

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