The Truth about CamSiteJunky – Is it Real or Junk?

The name CamSiteJunky says its all, simply JUNK! The website’s administrator make this site look more active than it actually is. It doesn’t measure up to the live chat standards that other cam sites have made. The following review is our opinion of

We almost hope that was meant to be huge joke, because there’s is absolutely nothing about this site that is telling us that it is real. It’s just really pathetic, really. From its fake reviews and its fake images of people this is a classic case of a website that is a big scam and simply lying to its viewers. Don’t read any of its reviews or testimonials as they are a huge huge lie just like its admin.

It’s really terrible and all its links are the same, simply awful to deal with.

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Review of:

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During our CamSiteJunky review, we mostly found ourselves wanting to pull out our teeth out. This whole site was pathetic from start to finish and a pain to deal with, and it was all down to the fact the layout simply is a like the name of its site cam site JUNK! No wonder the sites admin chose this name.


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Navigating on this site is like swimming with sharks. Don’t even bother searching for women on here; you simply can’t and you really can’t do much of anything at all.

You can’t find anything that you’re looking for, so really what’s the point in trying to use it this site? If you want to waste your time and visit the same sites then this junk site is just for you. It’s really amazing that they have any activity on this site, because there is nothing to speak about unless you want to read lie’s and fake testimonials.

Everyone that has visited this site says the same thing, you can’t find anything your looking for and all the same bogus reviews.

There aren’t any girls on here to start with and that in part is due to that no one cares about this site. They have no girls, and that is the true facts.

How can we blame anyone we couldn’t wait to leave. We had to do the painstaking review of this garbage site, so you don’t waste your time. This whole site is a catastrophe, and it just doesn’t do any updates whatsoever.


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What We Found When Using This Site

We ended up spending and reviewing this site for a total of six months, and during that whole time, we didn’t chat with anyone. That’s right not one single chat.

The truth of the matter is this site is not worth it.

From the 0 chats, to the fake testimonials, and the lying that this admin does, we were very upset about these facts alone, and it just kept getting worse and worse.

Imagine ZERO chats with no models on this site. No private chats. This was really not good experience but we needed to do it in order to give the truth to the viewers so they don’t end up wasting their time like we did.  If I was on rehab from drinking, ex-smoker or drug addict I probably wouldn’t started all over again. This site will send you straight into rehab after trying to figure out how to deal with this site.

We spent a total of $0 on this site, and that’s because honestly, there is nothing to buy from this site. No women, no models nothing at all to look at. Just a complete waste of time. This kind of huge letdown is like going out with someone that either doesn’t show up. Huge disappointment!

We were very upset and turned off.

Not too mention we couldn’t chat with not one single woman or a private chat. This whole site was a complete waste of our valuable time, and there wasn’t any girls on this site.

Anyhow, our CamSiteJunk review was just wasted time. There wasn’t anything to do on this site at all, and it was just one big disaster after another during our time here.


The Worst Thing? How About the Worst Three Things?

This whole site was disaster from start to finish, and it we really tried to find something good about it but it just kept getting worse and worse. We started going mad on this site, and the fact that it’s just one big CamSiteJunk scam.

They don’t care about anyone on this site but their pockets.

The only thing the site owners of this site want is YOUR money, and that’s plain honest facts. They leave up a ton of affiliate links and whiter label site of the same sites, old dead cams and play back old videos and try to convince its viewers that they are real when in fact its just a huge joke (we actually thought it was April Fools). Name name says it all CAM SITE “JUNK”

This is a completely dead, very boring, and there is absolutely nothing to do on this site. There are no girls whats over, anyone that visits completely gives up, and how can we blame them? We wanted to run for the hills.

We strongly advise everyone to stay away and give up.

We wanted to give up the moment we started seeing fake testimonials. How dumb do they think people must be to believe in those lies. In fact, we wanted to leave earlier but we wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. Boy were we wrong, but on the bright side now everyone will know exactly what a fake scam, waste your time site this is. If your looking for a site to waste your time and get nothing out of it then this is the place. We just hated it from start to finish.

Slow Performance, Dead Weight

The truth of the matter is don’t waste your time or valuable money here. There really is no money to spend as there are no models on here. Just a lot of lying, fake reviews and a huge scam. While some things mentioned might look good for anyone that is looking for a cheap cam site, in the end your just going to be left feeling like a fool.

It’s horrendous.

Whenever we visit a cam site ready to spend money so we can enjoy ourselves, we are expecting to have fun and get real results. But we were left feeling terrible, upset, this site plainly didn’t come through at all and left us feeling sick to our stomachs.

We didn’t find any girls to chat with and we really wanted to spend money but couldn’t as there wasn’t one model on there. Very annoying, obnoxious and a complete wash.

If you don’t want to lose your time then don’t visit this site. It doesn’t do anything but lie. We simply wasted out time. It was a huge disappointment, and that simply means that we were hated this site from the moment we got there.


CamSiteJunky.Com Will Ruin Anyone’s Day: Why It’s not Worth It was just a huge let down, especially considering it’s all just one big CamSiteJunky scam. We really hated it, and we will never ever ever come back to it ever again.

It was horrendous.

Our overall experience on this site was really a huge waste of time, not impressed at all, and that’s because it’s just dead weight and a huge cyber crime. We are dislike any type of static dead  inactive cam sites, especially when they are lie right in your face.

It’s very unpleasant, waste of everyone’s time and it really doesn’t do bring you any satisfaction. It will leave you frustrated, and ruin your day if you end up on this site.

Simply put, Just forget about it.

Instead of wasting your valuable time on a junk scam site, you should visit one that really works. Like the top rated #1, It’s the best in the world, and we alsways have a blast and great satisfaction here.

That’s why it’s rated number one. Check it out fro yourself and find out what all the fuss is all about, and then you’ll see what we’re saying.


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