Is worth visiting? The answer is NO! This site is know as a scam site. We suggest you stay far away.

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With the site’s admins only promoting their own affiliate and white label sites all you see is the same girls and chat hosts throughout all the sites their promoting. With the site owner clearly a scam artist and trying to give its viewers simply false comments and reviews. Notice how they do not allow comments on their site. That is a clear sign that all their cam site reviews false. Any site that show comments with people’s faces is a big big SCAM. Stay clear form A bunch of fake account/comments with people faces is clearly a scam and fake reviews. Who in their right mind would allow a site in the adult chat industry to post their comments and also include a picture of themselves? That’s right no-one. This is clearly a fake cam site that will steal your money.

Click here for  whois data.

 Registrant:  Spiced Martini LLC      Registrant type:    Unknown
Registrant’s address:    4203 Venado, Austin, Texas   78731  United States

How can you trust a site that hides their real name and how can you trust a site promoting UK cam sites when their owner is located in Austin, Texas?  Answer: You Can’t – Stay far away from

The more we researched into, the more we got sick with this site. There’s just nothing good about it, they are comparing the same site white label site al all their sites have the same performers and that’s why it’s just one big huge waste of your precious time.

No one gives a hoot over here.

The longer we surfed around on this site, the more we realized that it was just complete and utter filth of full of fake post and comments. This whole site is exaclty like that, and it’s just really not worth anyone’s especially your time. Like we said before putting up fake comments and reviews is a clear sign that this or any other site like this is a scam. And when a site that offers reviews about cam sites why can’t anyone else contact them or put up their own comments? Exactly only fake scam site do not allow anyone else to comment. So please stay clear of this site.


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We couldn’t wait to leave because we were in a unpleasant place, and with that in mind, it’s just not going to be fun and its the pure type of site we hate. This site is clearly biased.

The Worst Stats Around

We ended up spending a total of six months on our CamSiteReviews review, and during that time, we sent out a over 300 chat messages to chat host that we met online.

It wasn’t good at all.

From those 300 chat messages, we only ended up with a grand total of 60 responses. This isn’t good at all, and it’s the kind of thing that we were very disappointed it.

From those 60 responses, we could only get a single lady to head into a private chat with us…but she didn’t want do it a 2nd time. It was really annoying for sure.

We spent a total of $100 on this site, and trust us it wasn’t worth it for one second. This whole site was just a big big waste, and it really anything we enjoyed or would ever go back to.

Their Features Really are straight up TERRIBLE

There’s very little about this site that we can recommend, besides telling everyone to stay away from  as you might end up getting a virus or malware on your computer. It’s that serious. And nothing on this site is worth your time. This whole site was just a waste of our review process, but we had to do it in order to help the rest of the public. Overall we hate this site.

It wasn’t safe.

The biggest issue with this site is that it was just full of CamSiteReviews scams. It really wasn’t safe, and it’s because the site admins with all the fake comments.

It is not the kind of thing that you will want to find out about a cam site, and that’s why we disapprove of it so much. It’s just not a good site at all.

It’s not a fun or easy user friendly site to try and use, and that’s why couldn’t wait to leave and write this review. It’s just not ever going to be fun.. It’s a complete and total waste of everyone’s time that is for sure.

The Bad and the Ugly Bill

The more time that we spent on this site, the more we realized what a total waste of money and time it was. We hated it.

It’s just simply in one word “disgusting”.

Any site that’s just been promoting fake commnets and only promoting their own white label sites it’s just not safe. Imagine only seeing the same girls?  what fun about that. They are lying and fooling all their visitors. You really aren’t going to get the truth about what cam sites are the best on a site like this one.

We’ve proven this, and that’s basically not the type of site that anyone will ever want to deal with. We found ourselves really annoyed with it, and really fed up and uninterested in it.

This site is a total waste of your time and money, especially if you count all of the scammers, security issues, or malware that you have to deal with. It’s just not enjoyable, and we couldn’t wait to leave.

News That We Disliked

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We absolutely disliked and hated, and that’s because this site is just one big mess and full of fake comments. It’s admins are definite scammers, and it’s only a matter of time before it totally dies.

The truth is out we hated it.

Sites like this need to be turned off or ignored, but that usually never happens. We strongly felt uncomfortable, and really hated this site.

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