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First United Consultation is the industry leader providing reliable and ethical financial services. Our program successfully worked for Capital One, Bank of America and other big companies and now it is available to end clients.

Our experts would consult you on your needs, plan a winning customized strategy and implement all necessary measures to achieve your financial goals and repair your credit history!

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About Us

We specialize in fostering effective cooperation with financial institutions, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, attorneys, auto dealers, and other companies. Are you still losing business because your clients have poor credit history? Would you like to assist your clients in improving their financial situations and teach them how to manage their finances wisely?

Credit Education

Credit Education

Credit for Business

Our Mission

We open the world of unlimited opportunities, helping people achieve financial success even in today’s challenging environment. With financial institutions tightening rules and regulations constantly changing, it’s crucial to rely on a proven financial services company. Our affordable services, extensive expertise, and impeccable track record make us the reliable professionals you can count on to navigate these complexities and help you reach your financial goals.

Our Advantages

We guarantee lasting results by utilizing our proprietary software, which streamlines the process and ensures efficient progress through our flexible 30-day program. Plus, we offer round-the-clock support and complimentary financial management education. Our clients benefit from low flat rates and a 90-day money-back guarantee. With our assistance, you’ll enjoy a solid credit score for the long haul!

Our Experience

We’ve successfully removed over 2,000,000 negative items from clients’ credit profiles, helping hundreds secure loans and improve their lives. Our partnerships with leading organizations like Capital One and Bank of America speak to our expertise and trusted reputation in the industry.


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This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to bring
our clients the most amazing projects for a digitally connected world.

Cathy Manning

Credit Consultant

Jordan Hill

Senior Credit Consultant

David Barrett

Executive Credit Consultant

Testimonials of the people who have trusted us so far

Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our services:

To anybody thinking of using there services – do it! The team, the support is outstanding, on top of that they delivered! I wanted some extra credit, and they were more than willing to help me out!

Anna Bergman

They always look after your best interests. The staff is incredibly helpful and kind. This is the only place I’d recommend to others.

Megan Makar

They look after your best interest. Very helpful and nice people. It is the only one I would tell people to go to. 

Marshal Jones

Excellent support and took care of all my requirements as required. I will recommend!

Rob Thompson


• Identifying information such as name, address, date of birth, and names of employers which is usually retrieved from credit application forms;

Credit Report
• Trade lines, all of your credit cards and other accounts; the date of opening the accounts, your credit limits, high balances, current balances, payment history, etc.;

• Credit Inquiries -voluntary and involuntary inquires including account review inquiries (from your current lenders), hard inquiries (for new loan or credit applications) and promotional inquiries (for solicitation offers);

• Public Records (bankruptcies, foreclosures, wage garnishments, liens and judgments);

• Collection accounts.

Although this information may appear on your credit report,
it is not taken into consideration while calculating your credit score:
• Age;

• Race, color, religion, nationality, sex or marital status;

• Occupation, salary, employer, length of employment;

• Home address;

• Interest rates associated with credit cards and other accounts;

• Child support items and rental history;

• Certain types of inquiries (consumer initiated inquiries or promotional inquiries).

• Payment History (35% of your score)

• Current payment records associated with auto loans, mortgages, retail accounts, installment loans, credit cards, etc. on paid as agreed accounts;

• Public records (bankruptcies, foreclosures, wage garnishments, liens and judgments);

• Severity of delinquency (length of time past due);

• Amount past due on accounts or collections;

• Recency of delinquency or public records or collections;

• Number of past due or derogatory accounts.


“One of our clients had 3 judgments and several charge offs on their  credit report.” No case is too complicated, we have sufficient knowledge and experience to tackle any problem and help all clients notwithstanding severity of the situation.

We do, in fact, loan assistance is one of our most popular services. First United Consulting creates a profound comprehensive strategy in order to secure loans and help you achieve goals. We have been working with financial institutions for more than 16 years and know what exactly is necessary for approval. Besides, we have strong ties with a wide range of lending organizations nationwide and would gladly leverage our connections and knowledge for your benefit. Our specialists would engage in interaction with financial institutions, mortgage brokers and loan officers on your behalf negotiating the best loan conditions possible and making your life better and simpler.

Sure, lowering interest rates and mortgage refinancing is very real even if your credit history is far from perfect and your credit score is not high. We can improve your credit history and prepare your case to make you eligible for that. Please, call us to discuss your case.


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